A Clean Slate…

So, you found this random site on the internet. I have zero idea how you would have found yourself here unless I gave you the link. Sometime in September 2023, I decided that I wanted to make a small website to occupy my brain and just give me something else to put some creative work into. My primary career is not gaming, but it is a career that affords me a decent salary so I can enjoy my hobbies, including gaming & spoiling my cat.

I blackmailed talked a friend into helping me set this page up so I could have free rein over the design and content. I have this grand picture in my head of what I want to do here, but in reality this site is for own entertainment for anyone that happens to drop by unannounced.

Presently, I am familiarizing myself with the controls of this site and trying figure out to import media content through a workflow that does not consume much time. While I am not tech-dumb, I’m not exactly a Google software engineer either.. I mean, let’s be honest, I still rely on my dad to do things for me sometimes.

Stay tuned for more… -M






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